Rent To Own Texas Portable Cabins

Some portable cabin and storage building dealers offer rent to own programs. Is this a good option for buying a portable building?

Rent to own explained

Rent to own is a financing method used in many industries, and in most of them, I would not recommend using it to buy products. Lease purchase another name for rent to own, always costs more than buying the product outright, which can be a problem when it is used as a financial vehicle to acquire household electronics like televisions and sound systems. It fairs a little better when used for appliances that may be needed to reduce the cost of making four trips to the laundry mat a week.

Rent to own portable buildings

For purchasing items like storage sheds, workshops, or temporary dwellings which are often used to reduce other costs like storage rental, or housing, or for the purpose of producing income like workshops, rent to own can be as good, or better than some other forms of financing. In fact, if you are paying storage rental fees, the chances are pretty good that you can purchase an equal amount of storage space for the price of your monthly rental fees, and once the building is paid off, it will be yours with no more rent or payments.

For a slightly different approach to rent to own (it is a discount for early payoff) see: Ben’s Barns WINFAST rent to own program or call Ben’s at: 903.213.5769.